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Old Version /Base Version/ Prototype of new game called " NekoTale"

The White Dragon’s Crystal has been captured by your nemesis to bring Eternal Dream World to Reality.

 You and your talking cat Nyapasu are teleported into the demon world that you are completely unaware of and the danger that lies ahead of us along with the mystery it beholds.

 In-game Items: You have a recovery item that helps you recover your  HP (Hit Points) and MP(Magic/Mana Points). 

Battle Mechanics: Battles involve various Magic attacks ranging from elemental magic to enhancement magic with amazing animations .Magic consume MP,  you can also perform Normal attacks incase you run out of MP and monsters too can perform Magic but you always have Magic to Deplete Magic XD.

 If your precious partner is down you can always make them feel alive again!!

Key Binding for Windows: Use Arrows to move along with X and Z umm….. Try it yourself XD. 

Princess Levina: What is this dark place? There is no light here!!

Nyapasu: That's my soul, your highness :)

Princess Levina: Oh! I brought these spirits to light it up.

Nyapasu: Thank you, your majesty but aren't they harmful?

Princess Levina: Yess and now our HP is depleted XD XD XD!!!

Nyapasu: Wait what!!!! 

And you bought 5 of them wait 6 no 7 . I cant see my soul is now too bright!!!

Princess Levina: Lets rest in our magic circle now shall we...



Buy Now$150.00 USD or more

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All this at what Cost - Windows Version 186 MB
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