The dark realm of the demons is stuck between time and space due to the disruption of the holy artefacts. You “Princess Levina” the royal descent of your kingdom in the pursuit of the Higher Demon Bahamut gets stuck in their world .With the fate of the universe in your hand you embark on a journey with your little kitty Nyapasu to retrieve the holy artefacts only to realise that there’s more to this than meets the eye.

 With obstacles and monsters in your path you with your fearsome magic on the search of the holy artefacts find some relatively dark facts about the Dark Realm of the Demons. 

Treasures containing utilities unknown to you are scattered all over the world which may help you in this journey. Walk through this tale to reveal all the secrets of this mysterious world. The best thing being you can play it as a Turn-Based Role Playing game or even as a Visual Novel where you get a high amount of utilities to make the Battles feel like nothing!

 Features available ingame: 

-Ancient Magic 

You and your talking cat Nyapasu both wield powerful magic. With the power to create magic from a piece of your Magical Power Scale you can destroy any demon that comes in your way.But you are not alone!! The demons are capable of using it too!!


 The characters are also well versed with weapons and other equipment; you can find them on your journey and equip them any time you wish to. Maybe you can find a shop to buy them. 

-Interactable Objects

 While you walk through the world of NekoTale you may find many objects which you can interact with. These objects may contain backstories of the demon realm. What if you find someone’s personal diary??? Will you read it? 

-Battle System

 Nekotale follows a traditional form of Turn Based Role playing games battle system where you and your enemy have different attack speed. You gotta be quick sometimes. Everyone has their own pace, am I right? 

-Power portions and Utilities 

There are a variety of utilities that can be found throughout the world. Usage of use these utilities can be between a fight or in the open world.

About Browser Version:

The browser version may/may not display some frames depending on the browser you are using. For a smooth game-play feel free to get the windows version of the game!!! Use of "X" , "Z" and arrow key's for controls!!! 

Control's stuck? Try using cursor to click the game window area and try using controls again.

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nice maps. cool game.